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Our three-pillar personnel policy

Satisfied staff are the prerequisite for success in delivering high-quality products and services. We believe that staff satisfaction rests on three pillars:

1) Interesting work

As a small business, we never lose sight of the specific contribution you are making to the company through your work and experience. At Burg Pharma, high performers can learn and progress faster. No rigid structures dictate your personal development; instead, you can quickly take on responsibility. Creative ideas for continuous improvement are always welcome – from each and every member of staff.

2) Pleasant environment

Our new hires must not only have the necessary academic and professional qualifications but must also fit into our team. We discourage inflexible hierarchies, office politics and internal rivalries, and try to foster a pleasant team atmosphere. We know that’s the best way to attract and retain talent.

3) Fair compensation

Your pay will be based less on age and seniority, and more on what you do and how much responsibility you take on. We want our staff to feel they have a stake in the success of the company; it is, after all, the result of their own hard work. We also believe that above-average performance should be rewarded accordingly.