Our history

Infusionslösungen und mehr

The infusion-solutions story

Tradition from Bernburg since 1954

Historically, our infusion solutions for Bernburg hospital go back to 1954, when the Serumwerk Bernburg AG (Bernburg Serum Factory) started providing these and other medical products for patients in the former German Democratic Republic. Production expanded quickly, accompanied by major investment in additional infusion-solution manufacturing facilities. By the 1970s, the company was already offering a range of 25 products.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, Serumwerk Bernburg AG (Bernburg Serum Factory) was privatised and converted into a public limited company. Millions were invested in modernising all its manufacturing plant and updating its GMP certifications and new drug approvals. The availability, quality and affordability of Bernburg’s infusion solutions made them increasingly popular in former West Germany as well.

Continuing in this long tradition, Burg Pharma aims to secure and build on our strong position in the German infusion-solutions market. All our staff are working hard to maintain and improve our existing high standards of product quality, loyalty to suppliers and customer service.