Infusionslösungen und mehr

The pharmaceuticals market is changing

Several things happening right now are going to have long-term effects on pharmaceutical and healthcare markets in Germany and worldwide. Gene and cell therapeutics are supplementing or supplanting conventional small-molecule and biological medicines. Some illnesses will become permanently curable, whilst others will no longer require years of therapy.

Digitisation will revolutionise patient care and drug development. Digitised clinical studies will drastically shorten timescales for developing new medicines; logistics and production will get faster and more efficient; and patients will have a much bigger say in their treatment and prescription options.

A global power shift is also under way. Today, over 30% of all medicines prescribed in the US are produced in India, and most active ingredients come from China: But in future, there will be a move back towards local production in Germany and Europe generally.

Our vision

Burg Pharma is a reliable partner for doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. We are working to react faster, more flexibly and with even greater customer focus to the changing healthcare market, whilst upholding our traditions of high-quality products and services.